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Canter Hagan LLP is a boutique family law firm that offers experienced guidance in divorces through mediation services and collaborative practice, as well as strong advocacy through court proceedings. Pamela Canter has practiced family law for over twenty-six years and focuses her practice on mediation, collaborative practice, and the drafting of pre-marital and post-marital agreements. Anne Hagan is a trial lawyer with over fourteen years of litigation experience. She focuses on resolution through the courts and specializes in complex property division issues and cases that involve complicated custody disputes. 

We have strong relationships with respected local experts, including forensic accountants, co-parent counselors, certified divorce financial analysts, and trust attorneys, and effectively use their expertise to ensure the efficient and practical resolution of family law disputes. 

Anne and Pamela's combined expertise and collaboration provides clients with the highest level of representation and enables them to meet all of their clients' needs. Canter Hagan is further supported by attorney Lisa Veizades and paralegal, Karyn Carlson.


Services we provide

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collaborative divorce

In Collaborative Divorce, both spouses and attorneys work together in a cooperative, rather than an adversarial, environment. This is different from mediation in that each spouse retains a lawyer, but everyone involved agrees to work through the issues without going to court. Together we formulate options and creative solutions that meet your individual needs as well as those of your family. 

pre-marital and post-marital agreements

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More and more clients find the need for pre-marital and post-marital agreements. We have developed a successful approach to the creation of these agreements to help you avoid future litigation.

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In mediation, we use our negotiating and legal skills to help you and your spouse work together to reach a resolution. We help you identify areas of agreement and differences and help you understand how the court will view each issue. We then provide you with multiple suggestions and options. In the end, all decisions are made between you and your spouse.

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consulting counsel

We provide consulting counsel services to an individual in mediation with their spouse and a third party mediator. We answer questions, provide guidance, and give feedback on the Marital Settlement Agreement prepared by the mediator. We also provide consultation services for individuals who are in the information gathering stage regarding the divorce or separation process, and who need guidance on what California law provides in terms of their rights and responsibilities regarding division of assets, custody, child and spousal support and attorneys’ fees issues. 

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In cases where parties cannot reach a resolution using other means, the attorneys at Canter Hagan possess the trial experience to vigorously represent you in the litigation process.

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private judging

Pamela Canter can be retained to act as a private judge for parties who are going through litigation in public court. Parties often select this option for privacy purposes. Pamela can also act as a private judge for the limited purpose of a settlement conference — to decide a specific issue or issues, or to preside over the entire case.  With Pamela’s prior litigation experience and her active mediation practice, she often helps parties settle their cases without going to trial.  


Anne Hagan embodies the rare combination of compassion, emotional intelligence, and integrity combined with deep legal skill and the capacity and character to fiercely defend you when that is what is needed. In one of the most challenging chapters of my life Anne provided great legal counsel and support all the way through the courtroom where, thanks to her work, we prevailed. In my work I’ve interacted closely with many great litigation lawyers and Anne is amongst the best I’ve ever worked with.
— Arturo Bejar, former Director of Engineering, Facebook
I have had the misfortune of suffering three divorces. In each of these very different cases, I turned to Pamela Canter for counsel and representation. Pamela brought a clear, confident and thoughtful strategy and approach to each of these cases. Complicated issues of life and health involving parenting and child custody, high net worth and family trusts, sophisticated business issues and financial structures, were all handled with the utmost in professionalism and competence. Compassionate but tough, Pamela is a very strong advocate who I always understood was seeking the best possible outcome. I have had the great fortune to have Pamela’s steady counsel at the most difficult times in my life when making solid balanced judgements can be quite challenging. I will always be grateful to Pamela for the help she provided to me in achieving successful outcomes in the most difficult of circumstances.
— David D. Bohannon, II, President and CEO of DDBO
Getting married is such a significant milestone. I knew that protecting my assests should always be part of that process. Pamela Canter and her team advised me along the way before and after I was married to a wonderful man who had been previously married and had two adorable boys. Completing a pre and post-marital agreement made me feel not only secure, but accomplished.
— Casey Watson
In just one moment my life changed forever. My spouse served me with divorce papers. I wasn’t sure what to do or where to turn. I was however, blessed with a referral to Anne Arnold Hagan Esq. and her firm, Canter Hagan, LLP by a local family law judge.

From the moment I met Anne I knew I was placed in great hands. Anne has an extremely calming manner and she took my stress level from off-the-charts to manageable. Her expertise of Family Law, next steps, timing and my rights made this very difficult process so much easier to work through.

Anne and her team of professionals were available to meet with me in person, take phone calls and communicate through emails. She encouraged me to use the process option of mediation with my spouse and she was there to support me every step of the way. Anne was thoughtful of my budget which also helped lower my stress level.

Divorce is never easy, but I can tell you from my experience with Anne, you would be blessed to have her represent you. I highly recommend Canter Hagan, LLP.
— Susan Wheeler


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